Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NCAA: 133 essential (and unanswered) questions about UNC's scandal

The NCAA has announced that it will be returning to the University of North Carolina to reopen an investigation that had prematurely ended in 2012.  "Prematurely" in part due to a number of issues the NCAA may have missed during its initial visit, but also because of details concerning new transgressions that have arisen since that time.

In the book Tarnished Heels: How Unethical Actions and Deliberate Deceit at the University of North Carolina ended “The Carolina Way”, questions are listed at the end of each chapter.  These pointed and vital queries are formulated from the data and information presented in each section of the book. Dubbed "The essential (and unanswered) questions", they total 133 in number.  They unveil issues that were overlooked during the first NCAA investigation, the transgressions that have since occurred at the school, as well as insight into connected events that took place at the university decades ago that ultimately could have been harbingers to the school's current scandals.

In essence, the questions within Tarnished Heels provide a clear guideline that the NCAA could follow in order to get the answers to the near totality of the athletic/academic misdeeds at UNC.  The collegiate association will need to seek out and demand those answers, however.  Its resolve in that matter will soon be known.

Tarnished Heels is now available in bookstores, and can also be ordered online at  Tarnished Heels

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